This site is dedicated to our beloved Penny

March 14, 1999 to February 28, 2000

to all who met her, she won their

hearts, her time with us was short,

but never to be forgotten.




Master, treat me kindly for the love I have is true.

My only hope with every day is only to please you. 

Patience and gentle hand are all you need to show The way 

I should behave and everything I need to know. 

Just to hear your voice brings me joy that knows no bound. 

My tail just wont stop wagging whenever you're around. 

I ask no favors from you but a Place beside your feet, 

A cozy spot to lay my head and wholesome food to eat. 

But if you'll take a moment out to play with me awhile, 

To scratch behind my ears and grant to me a cheery smile, 

I'll give to you my loyalty and follow where you lead,

No matter where you go, you'll find my trust steadfast indeed.

And master, should I weaken and become infirm with age,

Do not turn me away as my life finds it's final page.

Treat me with love and tenderness until the very end,

And know that I will always be your true and faithful Friend.